RDS Craft Awards


So I received a reminder e-mail and began to look through recent work, should I enter the RDS Awards?

The larger pieces worked around Solstice for an Exhibition in Bunclody , Art bank last summer are what I have chosen. I still love how these turned out and though the heavier Linen brought challenges for my fingertips silk threads looked great when finished.


New Gran.

What a special bit of news…to become a grandmother for the first time in your eighties.

A grandaughter .A beautiful bundle of joy. I was so thrilled to hear this news two days ago.

I headed straight to patterns and yarn knowing how quick I could knit a tiny hat.

New pattern….oops three attempts before I was happy with finished product.My limited experience onfor needles and newborn size sent me back onto two needles and success..

Two little maids.

Nothing like working on something pretty. Embellished chiffon only needs a simple pattern and how cute are these?!

Just a peep of net to Lift the hem and add that little princess touch…guessing 2 and 4 year olds these are for may steal the show at Summer Wedding.

Late night reward..Award.

Many thanks to Adjudication team at Art Bank.,Bunclody who nominated my pieces for the Exhibition Award. So delighted and thanks to my photographer on the evening.



I was amused by Dennis Collins who opened exhibition detailing how Goya worked through the night with candles around brim of his hat…not quite candles but did finish these hours after midnight…sometimes your just on a roll.