Progress so far…

I have had some young ladies come and go learning the detail of a bespoke Guna for special celebration day’s.



All about the details …to create something special.


2016…start over

A refreshed Creative space was my goal for January 2016.. getting back and into some work the push for February..with a vacation mid March I am now back to work brain and needle ticking away..a few creative projects and .. have decided perhaps to get back to this blog… Facebook posts have been my sharing method since acquiring a smart phone.. so lets just see where this might lead….

Needles and Pins..

I was sharing in a bit of stitching with my mum last week and in truth when I have a needle in my hand or am behind my sewing machine..a basic 20yr plus Brother model ,.that is where i feel comfortable…

My sewing room can on ocassion get a tidy up but hey if i am working it cannnot look perfect.. so where did I put those pins ??

Oh yes an upgrade for my Needles and Pins !

View for The Crew..

Tall ships 2011 All the wet weather of the last two weeks put me in mind of The Perfect Summer’s Day…

July 2011 I went out on the water off Hook Head, Ireland , three generations enjoyed a blissful and idylic day watching The Tall Ships leave Warerford Harbour.

I was inspired by some of the photos and created the work below for Seascapes a Craft Council Exhibition.however it did not make the cut …

View for The Crew

Hand Embroidered Multi media work in Large Oak frame.

Applied imagination…

Applies ImaginationWhile reading a book Out of our Minds by Sir Ken Robinson I was inspired by his quote that.. ‘ Creativity is.. Applied Imagination..’


The quote and chapter explored the difference between having ideas, using your skills and application of original ideas….how not every idea is a new one !!

I produced this work  this spring inspired by ..The Idea , The Tools and The Skill .. all culminating together in creativity..

Seascapes- Seasonal Escapes 3

Custom-made oak letter box with hand stitched postcards using some digital print, This work was inspired by the frequent seascapes recieved as postcards…………sharing moments, stories, memories and views of sea and sky ..and how these postcards can flow through our door as if mirroring the flotsum rollimg in on the strand.

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Ann Duggan

Ann Duggan is contemporary textile artist and fashion designer based in Wexford.

Training in Grafton Academy of Dress Design in Dublin, Ann worked with Michel Amber, and on relocating home to Wexford established her own client base for bespoke work. Her passion towards hand work in designing a garment, naturally led to creating textile pieces, incorporating classic hand techniques but looking to create something contemporary.

Ann has worked and collaborated as a volunteer on the Ros Tapestry since 2006, currently a major exhibition in New Ross, Co. Wexford. Her work has also been exhibited with fellow Wexford artists, in The Pigyard Gallery from 2010 & 2015. Textile works have also been exhibited at The Blue Egg Gallery in Wexford, 2020 Gallery in Cork, and The Market Place in Armagh.

Ann was a finalist in the National RDS Craft Exhibition 2011, winning 2nd prize in Multi-Media Textile Category. In November 2011, Ann had exhibited her textile work in the Crafts Council of Irelands, ‘Seascapes’ Exhibition at the annual Knitting & Stitching Show held in the RDS Dublin.